What is a Bio-Impedance Analysis?

August 16, 2011

I have recently purchased this nifty little machine and program as a way of adding  an extra level for some clients who like to see results in the form of figures and measurements. The system can monitor your body composition during weight management eg check that you are losing fat and not muscle when exercising or how your metabolism works with your food intake.



How does it work? When you come in to see me , I take some measurements eg chest, waist, hips arms and thighs as well as height and weight and blood pressure. I then get you to stand on the machine (with bare feet) which sends a current up through your body to evaluate total body water, fat and muscle ratios, bone mass and metabolic age.  Once this is done, the results are entered into the BIA computer program and interpreted and presented in a full colour, easy to understand 3 page report for you to take home.

As a holistic nutritionist I must stress that this is only one aspect of assessment and should only be used as a guide to improve fitness and get you taking the right steps in improving your overall vitality. I have had clients come in that are not on a good eating plan, with little exercise in their day and find it shocking to see that although they are only 27, their metabolic age is showing to be 42! As I say to them, these numbers can all be changes once you take action to alter your current eating and lifestyle activities and learn a little more about how your body works.

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