Nutritional Talks

Kindergarten Talks

August 4, 2011

Teaching children at an early age to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is a passion of mine. Helping parents to make good food choices is where it all begins and thats why I have prepared a fun and interactive presentation to take around to all the kinders. It consists of  cooking demonstrations, looking at food allergies, how to improve the diet of fussy eaters,  teach parents how to read labels and advice on good and bad childrens’ supplements. 

At Mt Waverley preschool I made a quick and easy hummus and parents could taste the product first hand along with my superfood chocolate balls which went down a treat. I find often parents just need some guidance on how to organise themselves in making good food choices. Some recipes are provided at the end of the talk so can be tried out in your own home.


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