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School Lunchbox #4

September 15, 2011

Coming up with good lunch ideas on the spot first thing in the morning, when you can hardly contemplate a sentence let alone what you might want to eat in 5 hours time, is pushing it for most people. That’s why planning is imperative when wanting to get it right. I also know it’s not exactly the easiest thing to do, what with all the other stuff going around in our heads! That’s why making a dinner that can become tomorrow’s lunch is so the way to go sometimes. And if you really want to make it simple, pack it in the lunchbox the night before and all you’ll have to do it pull it out of the fridge just before you walk out the door in the morning!

Here’s one of those lunches:

Ricotta and vegetable pie

last night’s dinner becomes today’s lunch with Ricotta and Vegetable Pie. Sure it taste good hot so if you’re lucky enough to get it heated at work or school well then that’s great, but I can tell you it’s pretty good as is too. If you’re packing it for the kids, its a good idea to throw in a plastic spoon or a fork to help them along. There is an awesome serve of veggies in that slice and its cheesy so they should enjoy it!


Banana & Tahini Starcakes

Bananas have become really expensive in Australia due to the floods earlier in the year and the drought before that (yep, Australia gets it all) so its not always possible to get them so if you dont have any in the house, use other fruit combinations. Stawberries, kiwi fruit, pear or apple all work well. I do love the Banana, Tahini and Maple syrup combo though. Delicious. Check out how to make them here.


Dried Fruit

This lunchbox has some sun dried apricots and prunes. Just a little natural sweet “pick me up” mid morning or as a afternoon delight.

Fresh Piece of Fruit

I always pop a fresh piece of organic seasonal fruit in the lunchbox and it always gets eaten. Even if its in the car on the way home :)

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