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School Lunchbox #5

September 29, 2011

Some of you may be getting ready for your end of year VCE exams, some may be thinking about getting a little healthier just before the summer months kick in and others just need the motivation to come up with different ideas for lunch, either for you at work or your kids.  Whatever the case, start introducing salads into your life again. Why are they important? Eating fresh, raw foods as part of your daily intake provides you with the most immediate source of whole food nutrients that have not been affected by heating or processing, allowing for the maximum benefits (even more so if organic). I consider them more like brain food to keep you alert and feeling energized. This salad combo is delicious and full of goodness. Give it a go for your next lunch.

Mixed Salad

This salad has the following ingredients:

  • red and yellow capsicum
  • radish
  • mixed sprouts
  • tomato
  • Nimbin cheese
  • iceberg lettuce
Use the freshest ingredients to ensure the best flavour and textures. I like to add a piece of cucumber on the  side to be eaten either alone when feeling a little peckish or in combination with the salads.
Tuna and Kidney Bean Salad
This combination is something we often have in my household during the summer and it goes down a treat. Just combine a tin of tuna (in brine or springwater),  a few slices of red onion, parsley and a small tin of kidney beans. Please read labels when buying tinned food and make sure there is little additives for example I was in my local supermarket buying the kidney beans and noticed that most of the products contained ‘firming agent”, Why?? well, I found one that didn’t and my beans were firm enough thank you very much! I just hate how these preservatives and additives sneak their way into our food chain! 

Once you have combined the above four ingredients, add a couple of teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. 

 What I like to do is mix the mixed salad with the bean/tuna salad just before I’m about to eat. This way my mixed salad doesn’t get soggy with a dressing from the morning.

Daily Fruit

Strawberries and grapes are everywhere at the moment, juicy and sweet, why  resist nature’s little gems? Adding  these to your lunch box will provide some natural energy to your day.

Like always, remember to experiment! There is an abundance of incredible fruit and vegetables around and it’s to your benefit to try them all and eat with the seasons. Enjoy!


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