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Coconut Berry Banana Smoothie

September 28, 2012

This smoothie is so delicious,  you must try!


I ‘d always wondered what a waste it was that we drink young coconuts out at cafes for its water but then dump the casing that I know has the amazing coconut meat still inside. So I did a bit of research and found out what people are doing with these young coconuts and why we should be doing the same!


One of my many investigations lead me to the page of “Chris Beat Cancer”. Chris Wark’s incredible journey back to health from stage 3 colon cancer is inspiring. He chose to not have chemo (incredibly brave move and not one he took lightly) and instead change the way he ate. At 26, he took on the fight of his life and fortunately for him, he won. One of the drinks he drank every day was a smoothie similar to this one. If you want to know more about him – click here. I love that it uses the whole coconut and it’s refreshing as well as being packed with nutrients, not to mention YUMMY!



1 whole young coconut – meat and water

1 cup mixed berries – I use fresh when possible.

1 frozen banana

Begin by opening the young coconut – I’ve found a clip here to help show you how. (mind you, he makes it look easier than it was for me to do- it takes some practice). Follow the steps to open and put coconut water into the blender. Then with a spoon, carve out the inner coconut flesh. I found it comes out pretty easy. Sometimes little bits of the brown husk are attached so take them off before putting into blender. Once you have done this, blender the water and meat together. This is the equivalent to coconut milk you buy in a can, only much, much better.
Add the cup of berries and blender. Then all frozen banana (cut into a couple of pieces to help blending process).
There you have it! It’s ready to drink. If you want to add some of your usual smoothie boosters like chia seeds, hemp seeds or other powders do so at the end. Delicious and nutritious :) 
p.s. I found you can buy young coconuts at the markets as well as some supermarkets.

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