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A healthy side to LA…

September 10, 2012

Greetings everyone.

Yes, I am back from my wonderful trip to the US and I have so much to share with you!

 Our first stop was Los Angeles – the home of stars and starlets, gangster rappers and the fast easy life. Initially my quest to find what was happening in the wholesome world of organics was obscured by the huge streets –  Hollywood boulevard, Sunset strip, Melrose drive all very long outreaching roads, from one end of the city to another and so much in between and yet I was having difficulty finding my kind of food. But I was determined. You can’t get around in this town without a car and I was without one so the girls and I walked A LOT! With the occasional bus ride, we managed to see a fair amount of this buzzing city.


One morning, over breakfast we met some locals (they worked in entertainment industry of course) and we were told of the Grove and the farmer’s markets. They were ever so friendly that they even dropped us off at the location. As you can see in the clip above, we had a great time there and had some fabulous food.


We only spent a couple of days in LA so time was definitely short. Nevertheless, we did get the chance to visit Santa Monica and Venice beach which was bustling with tourists and locals alike soaking up the rays on the wide open stretches of sand. Along the way we discovered Euphoria Loves Rawvolution – an awesome raw food cafe with delicious salads and smoothies.


An awesome green smoothie from Euphoria Loves Rawvolution – spirulina, coconut pulp and milk

We also got to see the other side of food here first hand… chocolate coated potato chips,  candied apple stores with coating such as snickers, m&m as well as double cheese cake flavours! While I’m on the cheese topic, it seemed everything has cheese on it! Straight from a can no less…We ordered nachos in a busy eatery in Hollywood and were amazed at how utterly uneatable their canned cheese and green colour corn chips actually were.


As an overall view of this city, I would say it is best seen through the eyes of a local. We did it on our own and felt that we probably didn’t get to see the best of it. Friends who have  been to LA and were shown around by an insider have fonder recollections. Next time I will definitely hire a car!


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