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San Francisco dreaming….

September 23, 2012


Oh my…what can I tell you about this incredibly unique and gorgeous city?
I definitely fell in love with San Francisco and can honestly say would move there at the drop of a hat if the opportunity arose. Why? Because they get the whole eating organic, seasonal foods. Although America may be looked upon by the rest of the world as the fast food nation (and it’s true), it also has the most forward thinking health movement. There are farmer’s markets located at various spots around this city every day. They have loads of vegetarian and vegan cafes and restaurants and even the airport had two organic food shops. I was impressed!
The people are also so damn friendly! Everywhere we went, we encountered locals willing to help us with directions and offer advice on areas to visit. We even made great friends with a lovely gentleman over a pink apple! Professor john a. powell, internationally recognized authority in the areas of civil rights and civil liberties, author and all-round nice guy entertained us over dinner with his incredible life stories including dinner with Nelson Mandela and a Stevie Wonder concert from the night before.
We had some delicious food in the Mission district. Tasty Mexican, spicy India and awesome Vegetarian restaurants are everywhere – with the night life expelling a harmonious mish-mash of many cultures living side by side. You cannot leave San Francisco without visiting Gracias Madre. It’s organic, vegan and has the most delicious dishes – you just can’t beat that. Then you wonder over to North Beach and its like being in Italy. The aromas coming for the cafes and restaurants are  addictive and the streets were vibrant and colorful on the summer nights we visited.
The somber part of this story though is the overwhelming presence of the homeless. It is something you can’t avoid and is a sad reminder of the effects that global financial hardship is having on these communities. Their homes are scattered throughout the city, on street corners and on park benches. For the most part, we felt safe but it did take some adjusting. It’s difficult not to wonder how a person’s life path gets them to this predicament and maybe, how closely many others may have narrowly brushed passed this fate in the past few years.
Overall my resounding feeling about San Francisco is it’s amazing! It caters for the foodie and the health conscious alike. Its ‘mountain by the sea’ vista is part of its charm along with its trams reminding me much of my hometown Melbourne. Don’t travel to the US without visiting :)

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