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April 17, 2013

Talking to parents of young school aged children is a wonderful way to establish sound eating habits for life. Through lunchbox ideas and easy snack recipes, I can help parents with a practical approach to ensuring their kids are receiving the best nutrition  possible for growth and development.

We discuss the importance of eating together as a family at the end of a day (a great way to show your children that eating healthy food should be a social and nutritious occasion to be enjoyed). I also explain the benefits of  getting the children involved in making their own lunches – this has shown  better compliance with eating a variety of nutrients. Doing food demonstrations and providing easy to follow recipes helps to inspire parents to try new things too. All in all, it is a fun, interaction event that opens the door to new ways to provide a healthy eating style for the whole family.





The Ripponlea Parents and Friends Association invited Cinzia Cozzolino to speak to us in March on the topic of Healthy Lunchbox ideas. Cinzia gave us a presentation that was both engaging and informative. Her onsite demonstration showed how easily healthy food options could be achieved and her power point presentation conveyed a wonderful range of lunchbox ideas. Cinzia was able to respond easily with the parents who sought her nutritional advice during the presentation. Cinzia included a handout that included easy to follow recipes which was later forwarded on to the parents who were unable to attend the morning presentation. I heartily recommend that other schools invite Cinzia to speak at their school.

Gillian Watt

Ripponlea Primary School PFA President 2013

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