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Gluten-free bread :)

May 16, 2013



There’s nothing like the smell and taste of freshly made bread. It conjures up a feeling of homely comfort and goodness. This is especially relevant in winter, when soup is on the table. For those of you that have been told to give up the almighty loaf, the idea of moving on seems bleak, thankfully you can utter a little sigh of relief when encountering this lovely bread.

It really isn’t too hard to make and I find it keeps better in the fridge. Best of all, it stays intact when you toast it – You know how some of those manufactured brands can crumble. It’s moist, a little like cake actually and feels dense like a loaf of sourdough bread. Since I recently purchased a Thermomix, I have added both the conventional and Thermomix methods here. Enjoy baking!


280 g brown rice flour and white rice flour (rice grains if using Thermomix)

140 g polenta – fine grain

60 g buckwheat flour ( buckwheat grain if using Thermomix)

40 g sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, mixed & ground ( and some extra intact for decoration)

2 tsp Xanthan Gum

20ml 100% maples syrup

7g fresh yeast (or 1 sachet dried Yeast)

400 g warm water

2 eggs

30 g extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar


Conventional Method:

Preheat oven 180°C

Combine well all dry ingredients in a large bowl. You will add the dry yeast here also if you choose to use this option

In a second bowl whisk all the wet ingredients including the fresh yeast (if using it).

In the middle of the dry ingredients bowl, make a well and pour the wet mixture in. Combine using your hand. The mixture

is much wetter than a usual bread dough so don’t expect the same texture. Pour the mixture into a greased, baking paper lined baking tin

and set aside of 15-20 mins to allow the yeast to do its thing and raise the dough.

When there has been sufficient growth, place tin in the oven and cook for 40 mins or until bread is cooked.


Thermomix method:

Preheat oven 180°C

Mill your grains in TM bowl for 1 minute on speed 9 – tis will turn grain into flour

Put all dry ingredients (if you have dry yeast add here) into TM bowl and mix for 20 seconds on speed 4

Add wet ingredients (if using fresh yeast add here) into TM bowl and mix for 20 seconds on speed 5


Line a baking tin with baking paper and then pour mixture into it. Place in warm place and allow it to rise for about 15 minutes

Put bread in oven to cook for 40 minutes or until ready.



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