Nutrition Darling is me, Cinzia Cozzolino, a nutritionist who is zealous about igniting the love of good whole food and a lust for life. My passion for nutrition began 20 years ago and has continued to grow culminating in various areas of the health industry such as an educator in schools, working with families to improve food and lifestyle choices and specialising in allergies and women’s health.

As a sole parent of two gorgeous teenage girls, I understand the day to day struggles associated with getting healthy food into your family when the supermarket shelves are stacked with processed foods, the television keeps telling us to buy this and that and we find less time in our busy lives to get it right. I can never forget my eldest daughter coming home from her first children’s birthday party just dying to tell me what food was there. “Mum, you should have see it, there were all sorts of colours (referring  to hundreds and thousands) and they were stuck on with butter to this square shape bread that was WHITE!!” I had to laugh, I had never bought white bread in my house before but it definitely made me realise that my battle to keep my kids eating healthy was about to get harder.

Their peers and the big wide world outside our door was going to expose them to  all kinds of things to eat (and some questionable “foods”) and I needed to teach them balance- the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you eat fresh, whole foods (preferable organic in my house) and the other 20 % well, try to do the best you can. I knew denying them all the processed stuff was only going to make them hide it for me so I found a happy medium. I never buy soft drink, biscuits, potato chips or lollies, if my girls are going to get these items, it will be outside of my house. Instead I make scrumptious tasty treats that are a great alternative to the pre-made highly processed, full of preservative varieties.

Sure if you’re use to eating junk food all your life, good food is going to take a little getting use to. You have trained your palate to have high salt/high sugar responses and anything that doesn’t hit those marks is not going to give you satisfaction so take small steps and it will get you a long way ahead.

Making better food choices, getting a little exercise every day and reducing stress is my health mantra. Think of it like a triangle – its one of the strongest shapes because all three sides are supporting each other – its the same with your health.


Cinzia has completed her Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine and is a member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association. 

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