The Fabulous Winter Soup E-Book

Fabulous Soups for Winter
Fabulous Soups for Winter
Need some new soup recipes to lift your winter spirit? And for less than $3?
When winter days get colder, it’s time for soups to make a regular appearance on our dinner tables. Rather than revisiting old cookbooks that inspire nothing but the desire for winter to be over,  pull out your android or tablet and get modern with technology while cooking like a nutritionist.

In this e-book you will find:

  • 6 delicious and healthy recipes

Fennel & Sweet Potato

– Jerusalem Artichoke & Leek

– Pasta e Lenticchi 

– Tuscan Ribollita

– Roasted Beetroot & Garlic

– Rosemary, Pumpkin and Chickpea

  • Detailed nutritional information on key ingredients
  • A guide on what to keep stocked in your pantry
  • Inspired by family recipes passed down from generation to generation
  • A friend in the kitchen

Easy, practical and best of all you can download it  instantly! 

Here’s what people are saying about this e-book:

I’m thrilled with your eBook.  The info included about stocking the pantry and fridge, and storing and freezing of the soups is so practical and helpful.  The recipes have been easy to follow and delicious and I love the information about the nutritional value of the specific ingredients.

I look forward to the Spring edition.

J Magee.

A wonderful little collection of soup recipes that are simply explained and come with friendly narrative. 
Useful for the beginner and the cook looking to increase his or her culinary repertoire.

Catherine Schkolnik,
Nutritionist and mother of three

AWESOME, and I’ve been fascinated with fennel for ages and here you are giving me a recipe. Another thing I have some Jerusalem artichokes and wanted to make a soup as I used to many years ago but couldn’t find a recipe and here you are… Thanks!!

Miro Hodza
Zen Hands – Shiatsu and massage therapist 

LOVE IT! Looks great on my ipad and it’s so informative. Well done Nutrition Darling – keep them coming!
Julie Richter

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